Reported that “AMD chips manufactured by TSMC have been delivered to TSMC’s factory”, with the adoption of AMD EPYC processors in the production line – GIGAZINE

Reported that "AMD chips manufactured by TSMC have been delivered to TSMC's factory", with the adoption of AMD EPYC processors in the production line - GIGAZINE

AMD, a major semiconductor company in the United States, has announced that its server CPU “EPYCTaiwan semiconductor manufacturing foundry was supplied to TSMC. EPYC is known to be built on TSMC’s 7nm process.


TSMC is using the AMD EPYC processor that it manufactures. Windows central

AMD EPYC CPUs Helping TSMC Manufacturer Next-Generation Chips Faster

AMD is not just buying from TSMC, TSMC is buying EPYC chips from AMD. Pc gamer

AMD posted TSMC’s case as a use case for EPYC introduced on the company’s official website, and announced that “EPYC is used for TSMC’s chip manufacturing factory control server”. Regarding this, foreign media Windows Central revealed that “AMD is not only a seller, but also a buyer of chips, referring to ‘TTMC’ being the manufacturer of EPYC chips.”

Simon Wang, director of infrastructure at TSMC, said(PDF file)Briefing paper“To automate the machines in the factory, to control an operating speed and power, gas and water supply for each machine.x86 serverIs required. “He said that AMD’s EPYC is used for the CPU of the server.

TSMC and AMD have built a good alliance over the long term, but they are not preferred simply because they are good customers. “After an in-depth discussion with another company that provides us with a manufacturing platform, compatibility at Wang And has excellent performance that can be incorporated directly into existing architectures.EPYC 7702PWe have decided to adopt a server equipped with it. ‘Specifically, the second generation “” which includes the EPYC 7702PEPYC RomeThe point was that memory density was excellent.

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TSMC plans to adopt EPYC at its data centers in Hsinchu and Tainan, Taiwan in 2021, following EPYC’s good performance in the manufacturing process.

Regarding the announcement that AMD and TSMC are supplying chips to each other, Windows Central stated, “We expect AMD to continue producing graphics cards for the game through a continuous and strong partnership with TSMC Will keep. “On the other hand, specializes in PC games
PC Gamer, a news site, said, “The close collaboration with TMMC should be great for AMD’s future, but it doesn’t seem to be of any direct incentive.”

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