Reporter “takes the waves” on a skateboard during a live story in the United States

Reporter "takes the waves" on a skateboard during a live story in the United States

Reporter Victor Williams for Detroit TV station “Local 4” decided to steal the show and show off his talent. During a live link at a skate park, Victor picks up one of the skateboards and the grand genius on top of the car, leaving fellow showmates in disbelief.

Williams was reporting on skateboarding lessons at a track in Detroit, Michigan. But instead of giving information, the reporter decided to share her love about Four Wheels.

As their partnership ends, Victor’s colleagues are impressed and ask how long the reporter has been skating and he reveals that his relationship with Kart began when he was just eight years old.

On Twitter, the reporter said he is delighted to be able to report on classes and the new track in Detroit.

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