Reports of crashes in Facebook applications around the world

Reports of crashes in Facebook applications around the world

Users have reported app crashes Facebook around the world.

Facebook or any of the company’s recent applications, be it WhatsApp or Instagram, have been constantly crashing. The last of these failures was the one that the company acknowledged last Friday that some users had encountered problems accessing its applications and services.

Last Friday, some users were unable to upload to their Instagram accounts, while others failed to message via Facebook Messenger.

Facebook said in a tweet, “We are aware that some users are having problems accessing some of our apps and services. We are working to get things back to normal as soon as possible and apologize for any inconvenience caused.” Huh.”

Users took to Twitter, shared and posted jokes about Instagram crashing for the second time in a week. Later, Instagram confirmed that the problems in the app were fixed and things were back to normal.

Days after the social media giant suffered a 6-hour interruption of service due to an error during a routine maintenance process for the Notification Center network, Facebook, “Instagram”‘s photo-sharing application, caused some users to download. Failure.

Data from Internet watcher Down-Detector showed that on Friday, Instagram users reported more than 36,000 problems.

More than 800 issues have also been reported on Facebook’s messaging platform Messenger.

Facebook shares fell 1.39%

On the night of Monday, October 4, Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp were back online after a nearly 6-hour halt, blocking the company’s 3.5 billion users from accessing its social networking and messaging services.

A Facebook statement said that “an internal technical glitch disrupted the operation of the platform,” and “there is no evidence that user data was compromised due to a technical failure.”

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