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Megan RapinoeStar of Usa football selectionAgain demanded equal pay for women and men. This time, she took up the subject American congressin speech Equal pay day, The date that marks the struggle for equal pay. Later, the player and his colleague Margaret Purse met with the US president. Joe Biden, And the first lady, Jill Biden, where Rapinoe spoke once again and saw the president sign an act recognizing the existence of the day and future measures to end the disparity between men and women Prompted for.

The player told the House of Representatives Supervision and Reform Committee that he and his teammates had more achievements than the male team, but that their financial compensation and working conditions were poor. Two years ago, Megan and other national team players sued the American Football Federation for gender discrimination.

Rappino said in his written testimony for Equal Pay Day, “There is no position, achievement or power to protect us from the grip of inequality. The women’s football team won four World Cups and four gold medals at the Olympic Games. Filling the stadiums , Breaking audience records and selling T-shirts, all the popular matrices by which we are judged. ”

The American Football Federation, which argued in 2019 that the women’s team had been rewarded better than the male team over the past decade, said it praised Rappino’s status as “champion of equal pay”.

“I hope that the players will accept our invitation to come together and serve the women’s team in our future,” Cindy Parlo Coen, president of the American Football Federation, said in a statement. “We are committed to equal pay”.

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The American football team sued the federation in 2019 in a lawsuit alleging gender discrimination, demanding salary and working conditions. The campaign has made noise since then, the same year the players won the World Cup in France, giving them the support of fans in their election. On the day of the tournament finals, fans sang “equal pay” with the game.

In May 2020, a California district court denied the request. The players and the American Federation signed an agreement on working conditions in December, which opens the way for future wage negotiations.

Rafino said, “We work the same way, train the same. We compete to win the gold medal to America.” . That year, he also won the boot and second ball in 2019, the same year he won the Ballon d’Or by the French magazine “France Football” and the Sports Illustrated “Sportsman of the Year” award.

Megan Rapinoe and other players of the American football team are scheduled to meet President Joe Biden on Wednesday (24) at an event to mark the same payday.

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