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The most radical wing of the Democratic Party wants to promote changes considered “progressive” on important issues in the USA| Photo: Pixabay

Introducing himself as a liberal candidate who would eliminate “authoritarian extremism” and guarantee the legitimacy of American democracy, Democrat Joe Biden was elected president of the country in the November 2020 elections. He intends to form a government according to the idea of ​​the wing of the most radical of the Biden Democratic Party.

The latest step in that direction came with Biden’s authorization for a commission to study the possibility of increasing the number of judges on the US Supreme Court, which currently has a conservative majority. A similar maneuver was carried out in Venezuela in 2003 by then-President Hugo Chavez, who expanded the number of seats in the Venezuelan Supreme Court from 20 to 32 seats, guaranteeing a majority to approve projects and ground the changes in the constitution. Make. To impose the rule. Left dictator, now led by Nicholas Maduro.

The increase in the number of seats on the Supreme Court is part of the demands of the Democratic Party’s most radical wing, which seeks to promote changes considered “progressive” on important issues in the United States, without facing opposition from the judiciary. It is a case-by-case measure, interference of one power over another and which would have serious consequences for the democratic state for American law.

While the debate over the increase of judges in the Supreme Court is beginning, Democratic projects that increase the weight of the state in the American economy continue in full swing. Biden has already won approval for a $ 1.9 trillion stimulus package for the US economy, including an increase in the value of unemployment insurance, aid for poor families, and aid to states and municipalities.

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The second, more ambitious package, worth US $ 2.3 trillion, invests in infrastructure and sustainability operations. To finance this, the government plans to raise the corporate tax rate, which has been reduced to 21% under Republican Donald Trump’s management, and can now rise to 28%. In addition, it will double on capital gains from the current 20% to around 40%.

That is, on the pretext of promoting the rapid recovery of the economy, the Biden government hastily resorted to appropriating a large part of the wealth generated by society, believing that these resources would be better allocated if they were in the hands of the state. . Meanwhile, economic analysts warn of rising inflation risks in the country.

The “progressive” media, however, is already rehearsing the speech to defend the Democratic government’s measures. In the budget proposal for the year 2022, Biden increased spending on public schools, public transport and environmental cleanliness. Are we facing the so-called Green New Deal, proposed by Congressman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and supported by Bernie Sanders, both from the Socialist wing of the Democrats?

Raising corporate taxes, increasing public spending, radar inflation and now a possible expansion in the number of Supreme Court judges place the future of the United States at stake. Formerly known as the Land of Independence, it is possible that this credential will become just a reminder and will no longer be a description of a North American country.

Finally, before anyone says “Oh, at least in the Bolivarian Republic of Biden, there is a vaccine against Kovid-19”, it is true. And the guarantee of these vaccines came in July 2020, when Trump was president and signed a deal with Pfizer / BioNotech to purchase the first 100 million doses of vaccines produced by laboratories, as well as an additional 600 million dose course. Year 2021.

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*Victor Oliveira Has a master’s in institutions and organizations.

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