Republican ‘failure’ could be Biden’s way into Congress

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a Capitol Attack, in the US capital, will turn a year tomorrow, and the report of the House of Representatives commission investigating the attack will be decisive not only for the midterm legislative elections in the United States in November, but mainly for the rest of the country. Government. Joe Biden,

amid a flurry of cases covid And with a sharp rise in energy prices, especially gasoline, which is affecting the mood of American consumers, Biden has a disapproval rating of 52%, while only 43% approve of his government – practically performing. according to. from his predecessor, Donald Trump,

Historically, the party that wins the presidential election loses seats and, by extension, controls the House in midterm legislative elections. For example, Trump lost 40 seats and Barack Obama, 63. In November, the election will cover all 435 seats in the House and a third of the seats in the Senate.

You Democrats Has a tight majority (221 seats against 213 of these). Republican) in the Chamber, while the Senate is split in half.

If Democrats lose control of the House, Biden will be forced to legally rule for the final two years of his term. This is what happened for much of the Obama administration, which only controlled Congress for the first two years of its first term. The same happened with Trump.

The problem with ruling by decree is that the next president can easily, with just one stroke, undo what was authorized by his predecessor. In fact, that’s what Biden did with several decrees signed by Trump.

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Even more: If he loses control of the Chamber, Biden will hardly be able to leave behind the program that his government will sign: Build Back Better, a US$1.75 trillion package that includes spending on social sectors and environmental legislation is included. Without Congressional control, the last two years of the Biden administration could have been paralyzed.

Democrats’ hope of reversing momentum for Republicans on the way to November’s legislative election is the interim report of the House Committee investigating the January 6, 2021 invasion of Capitol Hill.

If the report, which will be released by the middle of this year, shows that Trump and his party leaders lied about the attack, public opinion could turn against Republicans in November’s election. In other words, Republican slander is probably Biden’s only salvation.

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