Review | A jornada de vivo (2021): infectious music by Lin-Manuel Miranda

Review |  A jornada de vivo (2021): infectious music by Lin-Manuel Miranda

first music produced by Sony Animation Studio, “a live day” contains songs already composed by the legendary Lin-Manuel Miranda, who voices the protagonist in his first act in animation. Released by Netflix, the audience has a chance to follow a journey with many good songs.

Vivo is the name of a jupra monkey who lives in Havana, Cuba with musician Andrés Hernández (Juan de Marcos González). They give presentations in a class and are the joy of the place, winning over locals and tourists alike. A letter arrives from Andres’ longtime friend and romantic interest Marta Sandoval (Gloria Estefan), inviting him to come to Miami for her last show, as she plans to retire from her world-famous career. Is. He sees this as an opportunity to sing for his old love, which he wrote in his honour, to the horror of Vivo who loves his life.

After a few incidents, Vivo starts off without Andrés in young Gabby’s luggage (find Ynerali Simo with infectious energy) and moves to the United States, and that’s when the surreal, full of music, beautiful visuals and timeless messages. The adventure begins, not even a masterpiece of scriptwriting.

Visually, the film is a treat. With the advice of none other than Roger Deakins, the lights of the set make him jump off the screen with vivid colors that give personality to a work that already has so much to offer through its music. The animation is mostly in 3D, but features gorgeous 2D inserts that are not only meant to please the viewer’s eyes, but portray moments of characters’ emotions and result in moments with the most tear-dropping potential.

The animation shines through when playing with various visual elements to represent the changes brought to Vivo by Gabby, who wants things to continue as they are, but needs, even if she doesn’t like it initially, the girl’s effect. . As he enters Vivo’s journey, the screen is flooded with vivid colors that scare and invite the protagonist to customize. The visual contrast between the musical sequences is a narrative hit, drawing inspiration from Cuban music albums of the previous century and clashing with the girl’s colorful pop art.

the film is practically a road movie, and so the journey to bring the song to Miami is not the focus of the story, which is about grief and how to seize opportunities before they disappear. When Gabby’s motives are made clear, her arc coincides beautifully with Vevo’s and the film rises in emotion. It’s a shame that the rhythm gets lost in trying to tackle serious issues with a soft grip. You can clearly feel the narrative break for the chase scenes in a swamp, where unnecessary characters appear with the sole act of prolonging the duration of the film.

The script’s lack of rhythm doesn’t destroy the rhythm of the music and “A Jornada de Vivo” is a good choice. The songs are fun, danceable and emotional, thanks to Miranda herself and composer Alex Lacamoire, who deliver unmissable visuals, along with a great work by the animators.

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