Rihanna becomes youngest US billionaire since Kylie Jenner’s reign

Rihanna becomes youngest US billionaire since Kylie Jenner’s reign

In March 2019, Kylie took the title of youngest billionaire after signing a distribution deal with beauty retailer Ulta for the products. Kylie Cosmetics, which were only available online or in pop-up stores, to be sold. At the time, Forbes reported that the strategic move helped raise the estimated value of Kylie Cosmetics to “at least” $900 million, making its founder a billionaire.

The Kylie Cosmetics mogul made even more in November 2019, when she agreed to sell 51% of beauty brand Coty Inc. for US$600 million. The deal valued his business at around $1.2 billion.

But in May 2020, Forbes published an article saying that her team had “recalculated Kylie’s net worth and concluded that she is not a billionaire” but “a more realistic accounting of her personal fortune that would allow her to puts it at less than $900 million.” ,

Still, Kylie was undeterred by the revocation of her title, saying, “I can list a list of 100 things more important right now than deciding how much money I have.”

“I am blessed beyond my age”“I have a beautiful daughter, a successful business and doing absolutely fine,” she tweeted soon after the article was published.

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