‘Robocop’: Documentary ‘Robocode’ gets first teaser


After a long period of recording, the documentary about the ’80s film’ Robocop ‘was finally ready and, its first teaser was released this Friday (30). The video features the stunning appearance of an official interpreter of the police robot, actor Peter Weller. Check it out below:

Titled ‘Robdock: The Creation of Robocop’, the documentary will feature the story behind the symbol film directed by Paul Verhoeven, which won Brazilian fans after his multiple reincarnations in the “Afternoon Session” and “Tella Quent” blocks. ”, During the 90s, on the Red Globo.


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The recording of the documentary was completed recently, 4 years after its debut, with the creative team led by director Christopher Griffiths and Eastwood Allen struggling to secure an interview with actor Peter Weller.

‘Robdock: The Creation of Robocop’ is yet to premiere.

Never seen ‘Robocop’? Know where to look

Released worldwide in 1987, ‘RoboCop’ tells the story of a police officer who was killed in battle and transformed into a cyborg by scientists to be used in the fight against crime in the Detroit district in the United States. However, Cyberbore soon begins to be haunted by memories of the past, which leads him to seek revenge.

Worldwide fever, production soon became a franchise with ‘Robocop 2’ (1990) and ‘Robocop 3’ (1993). Not to mention countless cartoons, video games, comics and action figures from the character released over the years.

In 2014, the series also won its first reboot: ‘RoboCop’, directed by Jose Padilla of Brazil, behind ‘Tropa d’Eleit’ and from Netflix’s ‘Alleged Carbon’ series, starring Joel Kinnaman.

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You can watch ‘Robocop’ 1, 2 and 3 and the 2014 reboot via Prime Video.

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