Robson Conciaco leads the Mexican in the 7th round and should enter the world rankings


With a solid performance, Brazilian Robson Conciko defeated Mexican Juan Antonio Ahumada on Saturday night in Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States. With the 16th victory, the eighth knockout, the Olympic champion in Rio-2016 should enter the world rankings of the super wings of the main boxing organizations next month.

In great physical shape, Robson has captured the quad since the first round. Very quickly, he was able to quickly apply three, four-stroke strands with an emphasis on the left hook.

The second round dominated, but the question remained: was there no catch to take down Robson or was the opponent chin? Despite Brazil’s strong strikes, two points can explain why Ahumada stood up.

In the third round, the Mexican went into battle and started fighting with Robson and the fight was dangerous. Brazil started counter-attacking in the fourth attack and had a rival attack, which went into the void several times.

With a variety of strikes, Robson started using the right wing, which exploded several times in Ahumada’s face, very bloody. Desperate, the Mexican carried out several explosions in the sixth round, but the hit rate was minimal, with Brazil using the dodge well.

In the seventh round, Robson used the jab and it took him only 20 seconds to connect a straight to the chest and a left hook to Ahumada’s head, which went to the canvas. The judge counted eight, but ended the fight. It was the Mexican’s fourth defeat in 21 doubles.

A big win for Robson, who should now be classified in the world rankings and perhaps three more good wins to reach world title contention.

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