Rockstar delivers new update on the long-awaited new game in the franchise

Rockstar delivers new update on the long-awaited new game in the franchise
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Rockstar Games announced that it will no longer be making any major updates to its game’s online mode, but there’s a good reason for it – and that’s everything connected to it Grand Theft Auto 6,

The studio finally talked about the development of gta 6 in your official blogIn which he says that he has been making the new game for a few years now:

,Over the years, we’ve been slowly channeling our resources toward developing the next Grand Theft Auto, as we understand that we need to exceed players’ high expectations with a game that, more than ever before. The need is to be the best that can be.,

To focus on GTA 6, Red Dead Online will be without major news from now on

Unfortunately, the news comes at a cost: the news that Rockstar is prioritizing growth. gta 6 Comes with the news that there will be no more great content or updates for gta online either red dead online,

These games won’t be played on the fly online, and there will still be minor updates and some new mods, but they’re no longer a studio focus, so they’ll be a bit stagnant going forward. Rockstar concluded the blog post by thanking the community for all the feedback and love in online gaming over the years.

There is no release date for this yet gta 6Which has not even been announced and no details have been revealed yet.

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