Rockstar Games | Fans search for sports images in production

Rockstar Games |  Fans search for sports images in production

An unknown album by Daren Bader, A former designer at Rockstar Games Was searched on portal Artstation. The album was published about two months ago, but was recently discovered by fans and shows images of its early development Red dead redemption 2.

published by Former senior art director And on designer Rockstar GamesThe images released depict the creative process behind one of the best games of the previous generation.

The first sketches of the characters of Red Dead Redemption 2

Meanwhile, a view of the initial stages of the images is shown Red dead redemption 2, With the game’s characters and locations, which is later ported to the engine Anger where Rockstar Games Make your game work.

Another sketch made by Daren Bader.

Unfortunately, on the album Artstation Was removed, but fans were quick and posted the images in other locations such as GTAForums.

This place is really in the wild west game.

Like this, Red dead redemption 2 Available for now PC, PS4, The stadium I Xbox one, With versions PS5 I Xbox series x / s Coming in 2021.

It seems that A. Rockstar Games Took away the possibility of climbing into Red dead redemption 2.
Incredible scenario of Red Dead Redemption 2.

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In short, you can still see more images discovered by Red Dead Redemption 2 fans GTAForums click here.

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