Rodriguez is ‘thankful’ to Everton and Ancelotti

Ancelotti Rodriguez

Published date: Friday 6 November 2020 9:30

James Rodriguez thanks Carlo Ancelotti and Everton for giving him a chance to shine when no one else wants.

The invaders had caused trouble in Europe for many years. He signed a ਤੋਂ 63 million contract with Monaco for Real Madrid after the 2014 World Cup.

He spent an up and down time in Madrid, as he did not reach the heights reached for Colombia internationally.

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Baner, 29, joined Munich in a two-year loan deal in 2017 and has since scored 36 times in 111 appearances for the Spanish giants.

He made 67 appearances for the German in his two years at the club before returning to Madrid for the 2019/20 campaign.

Rodriguez last played just eight La Liga matches before being allowed to join Everton this summer.

The midfielder quickly cooled the field with his new club, providing three goals and four assists in his seven matches in all competitions.

Rodriguez explained BT support That he will always be grateful to the club and Ancelotti for this opportunity:

“Both [Everton and Ancelotti] Trusted me when no one else did. I will always be grateful to the club and Carlo. That’s why I try to do my best in every game, that’s why I try to play at my highest level. I want to do this for the club.

“He is a very simple person. He knows how to deal with the players and how to get the most out of us. That’s why he worked with all those great clubs, and now, with this new project, we hope he does his best to achieve the extraordinary.

“I think we’ve got what we need [in the Champions League] Next year.

“We need a willingness to play to qualify, we have to be hungry to succeed in every game. I believe all players should have the same feeling. We need to follow the same path.

“Carlo Ancelotti is a king in European football.”

This is probably the biggest weekly of the season so far. The two biggest contenders for the title finally clashed in a long-awaited meeting, but will Lester or the Wolves come out on top? Liverpool play Manchester City or something obvious.

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