Rolling Stone · 6 Curiosities of Almost Famous, the film that made many people want to work on Rolling Stone [LISTA]

Rolling Stone · 6 Curiosities of Almost Famous, the film that made many people want to work on Rolling Stone [LISTA]

Cameron Crowe’s classic production references a lot of rock and 1970s together

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almost Famous (2000), or almost FamousBecame a classic of cinema while mixing music, rock bands, Rolling stone And many references from the 1970s Cameron Crowe It was not successful at first, but today it is critically and publicly acclaimed, with 92% approval from viewers rotten Tomatoes.

Production shows William Miller ()Patrick fugit), 15 years old, a chance to fulfill the biggest dream: with a tour of the band Still water As a journalist. With a lot of talent for writing, he soon takes notice Rolling Stone EUA. With this, he sets out on a journey to talk about the rock group, meeting many new people and harassing his mother.

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To learn more about the film that marked generations, discover six curiosities fromalmost Famous:

Patrick Fugitt was in great need of rock

Patrick Fugit as William Miller (Photo: Reproduction / Almost Famous)

Between several test strips, Patrick fugit Was chosen to explain William Miller. In an interview with Washington Post, Crow He confessed to finding the actor funny and awkward, but saw raw talent.

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still, ran away was not specialist In the rock. For him, led Zeppelin I Jethro Tull Were soloists, apart from that only the band had a CD Chambavamba. To increase the knowledge of the boy, Crow Forced him to listen to classic rock and gave albums Neil Young, Who, David Bowie And many other important names in music.

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Real critic

Character of Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Lester Bangs, really exist. Journalist became famous for his music reviews in magazines Rolling stone I We make. Very influential, he received credit for coining the term heavy metal to present or to show black Sabbath I led Zeppelin.

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Why ‘Almost Famous’?

First, the film will call Untitled (“Untitled”), or The uncool (Something like “O illegal”), but the studio did not approve. At a press conference, the director explained how “almost Famous “ Emerged when he saw people next to amplifiers at the concert. “You look at them and think: Who are they? Are they a group? Friends of the prosecutor? Have you married the bassist? Because they are almost Famous

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Love for rolling stone was real

The script itself was based on the life of the director.Cameron Crowe Became the youngest employee in Rolling Stone EUA With only 15 years of age, the same time in which Lester Bangs It was the editor. At work, he had the opportunity to accompany the tour led Zeppelin, Allman Brothers, Eagles I Lynyrd Skynyrd.

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Real life penny lane

Kate Hudson as Penny Lane (Photo: Reproduction / Almost Famous)

almost Famous Does not equal without flagship Penny Lane (Kate Hudson). a Faction Was not a completely fictional character, but was inspired by Babe Buell, Mother of Live tyler. “In the script, there is a long speech Kate hudson, I must say this is a tribute Babe,” said Crow For Talk magazine. He chose it as an inspiration to be one of the passion of the director’s life as a youth.

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How did the band come to Stillwater?

Film band Still water, It was not present. Crow Believe it made it – then discovered a band country In the United States of the same name. It has nothing to do with style Still water Of film – it is a junction of sound LEd zeppelin, Allman Brothers I Lynyrd Skynyrd. But the director wanted that name. The group authorized accessalmost Famous After reading the script.

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