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Responsible for Daud! (2017) e We (2019), Jordan Peel Today is one of the most acclaimed directors, especially when it comes to terror. But I knew before I could be a winner Oscar And scripts and direct horror movies, Peel Was a comedian? To celebrate the director’s 42 years, we have made a brief estimate of his career:

First stage

Jordan Peel Was born in 1979 in New York and entered the world of cinema at the age of 12. He began studying liberal arts at Sarah Lawrence College, where he met Rebecca Drysdale, Roommate and author of future shows Ki and Peel.

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His tv debut was MADtv, Comic sketch program. Later, Peel Produced and acted in Ki and Peel (2012-2015), together Keegan-Michael Key. The series took advantage of his career and won Peabody Award It’s two Amy awards.

But, how did a comedian become one of today’s biggest horror directors? accordingly Peel, The will existed since childhood, but was accompanied by the fear of failure. For her, both terror and comedy had the power to provoke surprising reactions in the audience, and due to insecurity, she chose the “easiest” way: laughter.

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No sense of terror

12 o’clock, Peel Set out on a school trip to camp in the jungle. There, he told a story to his friends and when it was over, he shook everyone in terror and realized his ability to tell a good horror story.

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When he overcame fear and stepped in, he started with a bang: Daud! (2017), also scripted by Peel, Reached theaters and established itself as an attraction in the eyes of special critics and the public.

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Or starring in a drama Daniel Kaluia It affects, in a fictionalized story, showing the reality of showy and structural racism. Daud! Made history by being nominated for four awards Oscar And took the statue Best original screenplay. It was a black filmmaker’s first win in the category.

In 2019, the director returned with a new feature. We Counted on Lupita Nyongo I Winston duke The cast was one of the greatest horror films in history. Despite making $ 70 million in the first weekend, WeWas abandoned Oscar

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Peel He is the son of a white woman and a black man. When asked about the race, he never knew how to react. This was the beginning of reflections when not understood, not in fitting. He began to explore stories about racial issues in the United States and around the world, reflecting society’s problems in the exaggeration of horror films.

Beyond direction

Peel It also has a productive side. In 2020, participated in the construction of the series Hunter, do Amazon prime video. Cast included al Pacino, Logan Lerman I Josh RednerIn 1977, interpreting members of a group of Nazi hunters.

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The filmmaker was also dedicated to producing and presenting the reboot Beyond Imagination (Twilight Zone) In 2019. After all, he was a producer and screenwriter Strange city (2019), series of Youtube Of which they were part Dylan O’brien, Michael Serra, Rosario Dawson I Ed o’neill.

new projects

Filmography of Jordan Peel It is not comprehensive, but we can expect complex projects for the future. In 2019, he started producing the film The legend of candyman, the director Our DaCosta And is based on the 1992 film of the same name and short story restricted, Of Clive barker. The film premieres on August 27, 2021.

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As a director, Peel Now dedicate himself to a new work Daniel Kaluia I Kke palmerWith no published title. Like all previous films, the plot details are completely cryptic and the film is scheduled to be released on July 22, 2022.


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