Rolling Stone · Pretend It’s a City, we know everything about Martin Scorsese’s new Netflix documentary

Rolling Stone · Pretend It’s a City, we know everything about Martin Scorsese’s new Netflix documentary

A north american writer Fran Lebowitz Is known for sharp humor and social criticism – and Martin Scorsese Will bring all the talent and reflection of the author Pretend it’s a cityYoungest documentary premiered by filmmaker Netflix On 8 January.

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Distinguished Scorces, Known for unforgettable films like Fear island, The Wolf of Wall Street And more, has also accumulated several documentaries throughout his career – and PIt’s a city The addition of a historical record promises to do more fun work, which certainly stands out from the filmmaker’s other projects.

To know a little more about the new work of Martin Scorsese, We separate everything we already know Pretend it’s a city; check out:

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First entry

Production will begin on 8 January Netflix.

The story

Pretend it’s a city Will be with famous writer Fran Lebowitz Between her reflection and wandering through New York City in the United States. The production consists of a dialogue between the writer and director, with many comic comments and deep conversations about the behavior, in addition to revisiting in a unique way Lebowitz Think

The documentary is described in the official summary:Pretend it’s a city Tourists are exposed to a classic urban voice on topics ranging from money, subways and art to such a simple act of walking in Times Square. (There is a proper way to do this.) Also, Lebowitz Comes to mind: a life marked by constant curiosity and an energetic freedom ”.

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Unlike Scorssey’s other works

what Pretend it’s a city Different from the other Martin ScorseseThe One of the main points is that this is a sequence of another documentary made by the filmmaker in 2010, Public speaking.

In the project launched a decade ago, Scorces Examines the writer’s career and personal life Fran Lebowitz, And consists of interviews and videos of lectures and speeches in which the author exposes many reflections on life.

Fact of Scorces This project has become even more special due to not going to make many sequences. If the filmmakers want to work about the same writer, they certainly still have a lot to figure out.

Watch movie

As always, produce Martin Scorsese There is a unique way to deal with the image and the searched content. In Pretend it’s a city This is no different – and the trailer, released last Monday, 28, is an example of this.

The filmmaker manages to play brilliantly along the lines of the author, putting them in dialogue with scenes of common life in New York – and promises the results to be spectacular. watch Trailer:

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