Rolling Stones re-released ‘Goat’s Head Soup’

Rolling Stones re-released ‘Goat’s Head Soup’
“It’s not an album that’s as respectable in the minds of the people as Axel on Main Street,” the singer said. Told Rolling Stone Magazine. “I think I’m involved.”

The deluxe edition of the 1973 album has now been released.

When the album was not a huge success, when it was first dropped, Guitarist Keith Richards He told the publication that he started his love affair with Jamaica, where it was recorded.

“It was ’73, the year Marley and Wheelers ‘caught a fire.’ Richards said, “That same year, the voice of ‘The Harder He Came’ came.” I remember being in Jamaica, there was a feeling in the air. Jamaica was beginning to make an impression on the map. After the sessions, I just went back and stayed there for months. “

It boosted the No. 1 single “Angie” and this time around Unlegar Teens, which includes new lyrics for “All the Wrath”, a song Jagger began writing 47 years ago.

The Stones are still strong and will go on tour earlier this year The epidemic Cancel that.
Instead they are separated Says the liver He is practicing well, writing new music and working on a documentary. Richards is hoping to get a vaccine soon, “and a change of regime won’t be bad,” he told Rolling Stone.

According to Richards, you don’t have to worry about Mick and the boys retiring early, because performing is “a habit” for them.

“I mean, we do it. And there’s something between us, like, ‘Who will be the first person to get off the bus?’ You have to kick or give up, right? “Said Richards. “So, it’s like this. I really can’t imagine doing anything.”

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