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As previously shown, Hoyon Jung has raised concerns among fans of Round 6 (Squid Game) about the weight loss. However, at the same time, Metro UK noted that the Netflix star also faced attacks on Instagram.

After Kang Tsai’s Round 6 interpreter posted the updated images to the social network, comments about his physical size began to pop up in the post. While some were concerned, others used the environment to make negative and derogatory comments about the actress.

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Soon, some netizens defended the Round 6 star. Many asked that the texts about Hoyon Jung’s body be ignored or removed.

“Stop criticizing her body. No one is born with the same mold. Leave him,” said one.

“You don’t have to change anything to please society,” advised another to the Round 6 actress.

See below the image that caused controversy on social media of Hoyon Jung.

The actress said she lost a lot of weight after fame in Round 6 (Squid Game)

First, to The Hollywood Reporter, the Round 6 actress admitted that she can’t eat anymore after becoming famous.

“It was really hard to follow. I couldn’t eat! I think I’ve lost about 3kg. It wasn’t stress at all. It was like ‘What’s going on?’ and ‘Who am I?’ There was a feeling of it” Hoyon Jung explained.

For Star News, the Netflix celebrity changed the speech slightly. Hoyon Jung said that the busy schedule of events in the United States prevented him from eating properly. The weight of the famous round 6 came to 45 kg.

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“So I lost a lot of weight. When I came here all the clothes that used to fit me are very baggy now,” the star said.

Round 6 (Squid Game) is available on Netflix.

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