Round 6 producer reveals the toughest scene during filming

Round 6 producer reveals the toughest scene during filming

producer of round 6, Hwang Dong-hyunkofound out that glass bridge view This was the hardest to do in the first season.

According to him the reason for this is that he is something completely originalWhich does not exist in real life and has come only in your imagination.

The producer said in an interview with The Playlist website, that had to imagine all the detailsIncluding the way the characters walk on the bridge.

“I would say writing games personally proved to be very challenging, and the biggest was certainly the glass bridge. It’s not a game that really exists in real life, so I had to make the whole thing, every element in terms of who goes, when goes, and even the way the characters cross the bridge,

“Why is Gi-hun finally number 16, and how every character from 1 to 13 must die in the game… I had to come up with all these different stories on my own, and it took a lot of thought.” he explained.

Seong Gi-hyun (Lee Jung-jae) in Round 6 (Playback/Netflix)

The series was not made for television.

dong-hyunko The interview also revealed that he had not planned the plot to be a television series.

His goal was for it to become a webtoon, a popular digital comics format in South Korea.

“Actually, I was thinking when Round 6. create In form of webtoon First, so if people liked it, we could do live-action. Then, around 2018, I re-read it (the script) for the first time in 10 years, because I was thinking about doing a webtoon with it. in season, Netflix was starting its business in South KoreaAnd this was at a time when global OTT services were really becoming very popular.”

“I knew that maybe the time would come for this material in the near future. I waited and waited, and I made three films,” he said.

“When I showed it to my production company, he said, ‘Yeah, you have to do it in America, like, in a foreign country, not Korea, because it’s like a global series.’

Dong-hyuk also commented that round 6 In college can be done by netflix Because it was “very violent and investors would be very worried”.

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round 6 Available on Netflix.

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