Round 6: The Gamer Who Was Attacked for Naming a Netflix Serial

Round 6: The Gamer Who Was Attacked for Naming a Netflix Serial

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Gamer Lydia Ellery, better known as the online squid game, says she lost her job because of her internet name’s association with the Netflix series

A British gamer who uses the same name as the Round 6 series on the Internet says she is losing work because of the success of Netflix – she goes by the nickname “Squid Game”, the name of the work in English.

Lydia Ellery, 32, complains that companies are now hesitant to hire her because of her name and her association with the streaming program, despite the fact that she’s been known as the squid game for more than a decade. Is.

In addition to live broadcasting, Lydia does presentation and advertising work, but she is missing out on job opportunities because of her name.

She says that she was targeted for abuse and abuse by fans of the show. As a result, the Twitch user is considering changing his name to the social networking and gaming platform.

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