Rover Perseverance Ingenuity helicopter takes a 360 view of flight location

Rover Perseverance Ingenuity helicopter takes a 360 view of flight location

In April, the Ingenuity Helicopter demonstrated its First flights to Mars. So, following the small plane, the Persistence rover took an incredibly panoramic image of the Van Zyl Overlook area in Jezero Crater. The panorama has a resolution of 2.4 billion pixels and is formed by a mosaic composed of 992 individual images taken between April 15 and 26 – that is, during the 53rd and 64th Martian days of the mission.

The photos were taken from the right “eye” of the Mastcam-Z instrument’s dual-camera system, which is located in the rover’s “head”. Some parts of the sand were only strongly covered when the images were taken, so these areas were filled in with photos from the same area but taken by the left “eye” camera or the previous navigation log. The sky photos were digitally edited to match the actual color of the moment.

Watch the panorama in the video below, with a 360º view and cues of important places:

So far, Rover has Oxygen production proved possible From the carbon dioxide of the Martian atmosphere, over 75,000 images of the Red Planet have been captured, analyze rocks and recorded first sound over there. Now, the persistence to begin activities for the scientific phase of the mission is already in Octavia E. Leaving a place called Butler. “Over the next few months, Perseverance will explore the bottom of Jezero Crater,” said Jennifer Trosper, Perseverance project manager. full.

One of the main goals of Perseverance’s mission is astrobiology – which involves looking for signs of ancient microbial life forms, if any. Thus, the rover will collect and store samples of rock and regolith, which will be stored in tubes; Then, a mission done in partnership with NASA with the European Space Agency will collect the material and bring it to earth for analysis.

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Source: NASA

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