Rucking is interrupted by Molson Coors in Hacker Action

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A hacker attack affected Molson Coors’ operations in the United States. The brewery behind the Miller and Coors brands revealed that a “cyber security incident” at the company disrupted its beer-making activities.

The Chicago-based brewery said in a document released last Thursday that the hacker took its system offline, delaying and disrupting parts of Molson Coors’ operations, including its production and shipments. Thus, he believes that even when the condition returns to normal, there may be problems with childbirth for a few days.

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“While the company is actively managing this cyber security incident, it is the cause and can cause delays or disruptions in parts of the company’s business, including its brewing, production and shipping operations,” he explained. .


Investigations into the incident have already begun, with the company “working around the clock to get its systems back up and running as quickly as possible,” he said. “We hired an external forensic IT company to assist in our investigation of the incident,” said Adam Collins, director of communications and corporate affairs at Molson Coors. “We will continue to communicate with our business partners with updates.”

Although Molson Coorks refrains from giving details about the hacker action, experts say it is a ransomware attack, when a type of harmful software restricts access to a system infected by a lock and a ransom in cryptocurrency so that it Access is restored. Other beverage manufacturers have experienced similar situations in recent months, such as the Campari Group.

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Molson Coors is considered the fifth largest beer group in the world, formed in 2005, when the namesake brands merged. Is it over there Brewing dozens of beers, including Coors and Miller, as well as some of North America’s most iconic people such as Blue Moon, Peroni, Grolash, Killian, and Foster. It also makes other beverages, such as hard seltzer and non-alcoholic beverages.

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