Rules removing Germany’s team

Soon after the announcement of the German Federation, the Reds’ coach was asked about the issue that Joachim Löw would leave the team after the Euro

Ali Haider / EFEJurgen Klopp during press conference in Liverpool

a few hours later German Football Federation (DFB) Communicate that Joachim Lowe Will leave the post of technician Choose germany After Eurocup, Which will be in June and July, Jürgen Klopp Entered the press room on Tuesday to talk about this game Liverpool Against RB Leipzig, This Wednesday, for the round of 16 round return Europe Champions League. But the main issue was another one. One of the highest rated for the vacancy to be opened in the middle of the year, Klopp has already made it clear that he will not leave Liverpool at the end of this season to run his country. “Am I available for the place? No! “The coach repeated. “Joachim Lou has done an incredible job for so many years. I realize that he wants to take this step after the Euro Cup. And then someone will take your place. German coaches are quite good.

But the journalists were not satisfied and they returned to the subject shortly after in the press conference. “No, I will not be available as a potential coach for the German national team in the summer or after the summer (in the Northern Hemisphere). Liverpool have three years left on their contract. It’s simple: you sign a contract and try to stick to it. I fulfilled my contracts at Mainz and (Borussia) Dortmund. One of Germany’s new-generation coaches, 33-year-old Jules Nugelsmann, who runs RB Leipzig, was also asked at his press conference about this changing position at the top of the national team and not to talk too much about it. Liked it. “We have an important game tomorrow (Wednesday) and frankly I don’t care who is going to take over Germany. I believe Klopp and Liverpool are satisfied with each other.

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On Wednesday, a duel between Liverpool and RB Leipzig will be played at the Budapest Arena in the Hungarian capital, as a measure to prevent the spread of new coronoviruses due to a ban on travel to the United Kingdom. On the way, three weeks ago, with the German team also in Budapest, the English club won from 2 to 0.. Thus, Liverpool can lose to a goal difference which is guaranteed in the quarter-finals of the Champions League.

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