Rumor says Apple Watch will have sports version with bigger screen and more resistant body in 2022

Rumor says Apple Watch will have sports version with bigger screen and more resistant body in 2022

since you 2015 releaseThe Apple Watch gets a new generation every year and it will be no different in 2022. In fact, rumor has it that there will be a total of three new smartwatch models this year – Series 8, If Is unpublished version Known as “extreme sports”, which, according to Mark Gurman, would have even greater resistance.

Analyst Revealed bloomberg On Wednesday (07) the sports version of the Apple Watch – whose commercial name is yet to be revealed – Will have a bigger 1.9-inch screen, bigger than the Watch Series 7 display of 45 millimeters. Overall, the watch will feature a 2-inch bezel, allowing a wider view of health dataFor example.

According to Gurman’s information, the screen resolution of this Apple Watch will be 410 x 502 pixels, so that the pixel density will remain the same as other models.

Here’s Another Highlight Of This Alleged Apple Watch “Extreme Sports” even stronger metal body Compared to wearables made from aluminum. This version will adopt a screen with reinforced glass and big battery To provide greater autonomy to the athlete public.

Apart from its strong design benefits, the sporty model is expected to bring Hardware and features similar to Apple Watch Series 8, This could mean that the health-assessment functions of the Apple S8 chipset and the flagship watch of the series will also be found in the higher-powered body variant.

As always, Apple doesn’t reveal any information about its future projects, so we should treat the details as speculation territory until the big tech officially reveals its new products. Apple Watch Series 8 is a must have Released in mid-September with this iphone 14 And iphone 14 pro,

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