Rumor suggests that Apple may launch new iPod Touch in 2021

Rumor suggests that Apple may launch new iPod Touch in 2021

For those who are upset at home, Try setting Apple aside The famous line of iPods can be a real torture. As with other models with previous releases, the latest version of the iPod Touch went public in 2019 and since then, Apple has left the forgotten model in a hidden part of its website .

But this can change! According to rumors coming from Steve Moser, editor of the famous MacRumors website – maybe the touch line will get new air later this year, during our spring. See Moser’s tweet below.

According to Moser, the fact that Apple added the ‘iPod Touch’ Apple Music Public Disclosure There is one obvious reason in November last year: the launch of a new version of the iPod Touch. However, the editor indicates that the information is not rumored but leaked.

In another tweet, Moser also hinted at what the new version of the device might look like in detail.

Although this information, as the author himself indicated, is nothing more than rumors about the arrival of a new generation of iPod touch, there is some possibility that we will actually see a launch. This is because on October 23 of that year Apple will mark the 20-year date of the launch of the first iPod, and the moment should not be completely empty.

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With recently announced Lossless feature introduced in Apple Music, It would be interesting – and curious – an iPod touch with a standard headphone jack with a good DAC (digital to analog converter) providing excellent audio quality. However, for now we can only wait.

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