Russia Threatens to Attack Western Weapons Consignment — DNOTICIAS.PT

Russia Threatens to Attack Western Weapons Consignment — DNOTICIAS.PT

The Russian Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs today threatened the United States with attacks on its shipments of weapons to Ukraine in locations occupied by the Russian military for two weeks.

In an interview with Canal de TV, Sergei Rybakov warned, “We have warned the United States that the delivery of weapons from different countries is not only a dangerous move, it is an act that makes the respective convoy a legitimate target.” It is” Parvi Kanal.

The Minister specifically mentioned portable air defense systems and anti-tank missile systems.

Sergei Ryabkov also said that “security guarantees” requested by Russia to the West, including guarantees that Ukraine would never join NATO, were no longer valid.

“The situation has completely changed. The question now is to put into practice the goals of our leaders,” he said, referring to the “demilitarization” of Ukraine called by the Kremlin.

“If the Americans are willing, of course we can resume negotiations,” he said, specifying that Moscow was ready, in particular, with regard to the START agreements to limit the nuclear arsenal. “It all depends on Washington,” he said.

On 24 February, Russia launched a military offensive in Ukraine, which has already caused at least 549 deaths and more than 950 injuries among the civilian population and the flight of 4.5 million people, including 2.5 million. For neighboring countries, figures according to the latest United Nations.

The Russian invasion, condemned by most of the international community, responded by sending arms to Ukraine and tightening economic sanctions on Moscow.

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