Saint-Etienne boss condemns Arsenal for treating Paul Celeba

Saint-Etienne boss condemns Arsenal for treating Paul Celeba

The 19-year-old faces an uncertain future in North London after several recent debt scandals.

Saint-Etienne head coach Claude Puyol has condemned Arsenal for treating William Saliba after the defender was dropped from the Europa League squad.

Arsenal signed the teen center-back from Saint-Etienne last year for million 27 million (35 35 million) before lending him back to the League 1 side for the 2019-20 season.

The return of Arsenal before this season was doubtful for Saliba’s playing time, and the Gunners sought a loan solution for the 19-year-old.

Another loan was offered back to Saint-Etienne but the move fell at the last minute, disappointing the League 1 side.

Ganer was also in talks with championship clubs, including Brentford, over a loan for Saliba, but the move was completed.

It leaves Saliba, who is still awaiting the start of his Gunners, as he faces an uncertain future with the North London club.

Pool has been harassed by Arsenal over his treatment of the cross, fearing that the club’s short-term strategy could actually hurt the teenager’s long-term development.

“It simply came to our notice then [thinking], Even for a young player, “said Paul Team. “A great player like William, for which I wish him well, did not make it to Arsenal’s Europa League squad. If not financial then where is the logic?

“He wanted to join us. The club is a bit like family and friends [to him]. His adjustment would be immediate.

“It would be if all the conditions were met. It would be consistent with our finances and its contracts, especially for management.”

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Earlier this month, Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta said injuries and a coronavirus-short season meant Saliba’s 2019-20 campaign was not what he or the Gunners had hoped for.

“Last year was a year when Arsenal loaned him to Saint-Etienne and it was a turning point for him,” said Arteta.

“For a number of reasons, it wasn’t the year of change he needed because he had so many injuries, some personal issues, as well as the cancellation of the Cowboys and the French League.

“He needs that year of change and we are trying to make the right decisions for him so that he can give us the best year of change to bring the player into our future.”

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