Saints 31 Buccaneers

Saints 31 Buccaneers

Saints Rate toss and deferred win. Bookers Start at 25. Cameron Jordan Hits Tom Brady As he throws his first pass, incomplete. Bucs 7. Third and 3. are in a hurry and incomplete and Bucs 3 and out.

Saints’ ball at 35. Drew Bryce Checks from Alvin Camara 6. For the benefit of. Breeze To them Michael Thomas For 1. Midfield. Breeze Scramble and complete Josh Hill For 1. Books in the region. Breeze Marquis Callaway to 6. For Latavius ​​Murray 2. For the third and 3rd. Tesom Hill Goes to Jared Cook Books 16. Chamber Run to no avail. Jason Pierre-Paul Picks up almost Brees. Breeze to Trey Quan Smith in Andzone. Touchdown Saints. Will Lutz has money. 7-0 Saints.

Bookers Start at 25. Brady no deep. Bucs 7 is in a hurry but is called back. Second and 20. Bryce 6. Third and 14 are perfect. Another 3 and out to protect the saints. Bucks pants

Saints’ ball at 34. The deep winds of Harris break the tackle and make it into Book 26. Dead 2. Lifts Thomas 4. 3rd and 4. smaller than 1 inch from the dead. 4 down. The saints go for it and choose the first one. Bruce Aryans What a challenging time .t. Tesom Hill In and ran 3. for bees Jared Cook Who provokes it?

Buccaneers Ball on your 2 yard line. Bucs 1. hurry up. Bread goes deep Antonio Bra Brown no And is almost stopped. The trees are incomplete. Buccaneers paint in depth in their own endzone.

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Books returned to the 35-yard line after Harris slipped to 40. Chamber Inspiration for 17. Breeze Thomas To 10. Chamber 1 picks down. First and foremost picks up the room at 8. Adam Trottman For the touch. The extra point is good. 14-0 Saints. End of the first quarter.

Buccaneers only start embarrassing 20’s. Brady Scotty Miller What is thrown out is incomplete. Brady Pass 7. Third and 3 .. Brady Pass does not go deep for anyone again. 3 in and out. Bucks pants

Dionte Harris This will return the midfield. Breeze Room 6. Check for losses of 2 and 16 Tesom Hill For 21 yards. Tesom Hill That in QB, wants to throw but no one is open and runs towards 12.. Gives the message Emmanuel Sanders For the touch. The extra point is good. 21-0 Saints.

Berkeley starts at 24. Brady completes Tyler Johnson For your first 1 down. Brady is picked up by the pass David Onimeta.

Saint Ball on Buccaneers 27. Incomplete Thomas. Room runs for 5. Third and 5. Sanders For the first at 13. Time on the QB and walks towards the 1 yard line. First and foremost. The room runs to Tachda .N. The extra point is good. 28-0 Saints.

Buccaneers start at 25. Brady Two Chris Godwin Brady to close the dump Leonard Fornet For 7. Brady to close hands Fornet Who has been prevented from cursing. 3 and and 3. Perfect for Brady Saints from 1 to 42. From Brady Screen Fornet For a couple. To Brady Rob Gronkowski 2. For the third and 6. Timeout books. Half to 5:08. To Brady Godwin Incomplete. 4 down. Bucs go for it deep unfinished.

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Saints’ ball at 38. Room ran for 11 runs Michael Thomas Books 31. The dead fell into the hands 2. Lost Sanders For 1. Incomplete tree to sanders. Bryce checks Trottman for a couple. 2 minute warning. Gives the message Cook Who can’t catch. Will Lutz kicked 36 yards out. 31-0 Saints. Half to 1:30.

Buccaneers start at 25. Complete with Brady Brown For 1. To Brady Mike Ivan For another 1. Brady threw an obstacle Marcus Williams.

Saints ball at their 15th, worst field position for Saints tonight. Drew gets on his knees. Saints get the ball to start the second half.

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