Sam Elliott apologizes after being accused of homophobia for commenting on ‘attacks on dogs’

Sam Elliott apologizes after being accused of homophobia for commenting on ‘attacks on dogs’

After being accused of homosexuality and misogyny for saying in an interview with the podcast WTF with Marc Maron that movie dogs attack The actor created an ‘allusion to homosexuality’, featuring ‘cowboys dancing around shirtless’ and asked ‘why would a New Zealand woman have the right to tell stories about the Wild West of the United States?’ Sam Elliot77, said he was sorry for it.

“That movie inspired me, and when trying to express how it inspired me, I didn’t express it well. I can’t say what I thought correctly, and I Said some things which hurt people. I feel very bad about him”, he said. in an interview with deadline,

He apologized for hurting friends and loved ones after speaking during the podcast. “I’m sorry I hurt any of these friends, and I’m sorry that I hurt someone I love … and someone else heard my words,” he said.

The New Zealander who directed a film set in the Wild West of the United States was none other than Jane Campion. dogs attack She received the Oscar for Best Director, becoming the third woman in history to be honored in that category. Jane spoke after the speech, in an interview with deadline, The director declared, “I think it’s all really unfortunate and sad, because this statement fits into the triad of misogyny, xenophobia and homophobia. I don’t like it.”

“Plus, he’s not a cowboy, he’s an actor. The Wild West is a mythical place and there’s so much to explore in the genre.”

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Sam Elliott didn’t touch on Jane’s allegations, but apologized to actor Benedict Cumberbatch, who plays Phil Burbank In the film, a sexually repressed man. “I want to apologize to the actors” dog attackAll of which are wonderful, especially Benedict Cumberbatch”.

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