Samsung has made a series about the Galaxy S21 Ultra on a streaming network; “Exposure” arrives at Hulu

Samsung has made a series about the Galaxy S21 Ultra on a streaming network;  "Exposure" arrives at Hulu

I designed many nuts to promote mobile phones over the years, but have sincerely seen A series dedicated to the telephone is a novelty. Samsung has contracted streaming network Hulu To make a relevant production about your current major, S21 ultra 5g .

Hulu is a major streaming network in the United States under Disney’s patronage, and came from Hulu’s productions that “The Handmaid’s Tale“, A documentary about the Beatles, and recently he also offered the film”Itinerant“, With 6 Oscar nominations. In Romania it has been captured via VPN. Anime fans will be delighted, as Hulu includes a series of more than 300 mobile phones. Return to phone, however, the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G will be the main theme of the new Lulu series. It is said to be “Connection“.

In the making of this reality show combined with the documentary, aspiring photographers will compete for the title of “Best photographer with phone in usa“The series will begin on April 26 and will only include the S21 Ultra as a working tool for photographers. Samsung wants to show us the phone’s capability in a slightly more civilian environment than the classic tests. We are competitors. Will see sightseeing. In states and passing test zoom, ultraviolet capture, night capture and photo in difficult conditions.

To each other You can also learn tips on how to shoot better From this show. We are eagerly waiting for him.

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