Samsung is dying to be the next most powerful Galaxy device to date

Samsung is dying to be the next most powerful Galaxy device to date

Samsung has announced the new Galaxy Unpacked event on April 28 at 5 pm KSAA time, and it’s time to announce the most powerful Galaxy device.

It is notable that the teaser sentence is not very clear as is common in these calls, but given the nature of the ad and the general cycle of Samsung releases, there are some hints that may be drawn.

And the product description that Samsung wants to announce as the most powerful Galaxy device seems to prevent the existence of the phone, such as the rumored Galaxy Z Fold 3.

The more established belief remains that a mobile phone processor – even if it is a processor as Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 888 – is not as powerful as a real laptop processor.

Despite recent headlines, there are still rumors that Samsung will unveil the Z Fold 3 at its July event, which is likely to replace the Galaxy Note launched in the summer.

On the other hand, the teaser phrase, Samsung’s collection of Galaxy Book laptops, fits the most powerful Galaxy device, and updates to these devices are long awaited.

The current models were announced in 2019 and still feature 10th generation Intel processors that are outdated.

An update to the Galaxy Book laptop, which includes some of the newer Intel chips from the eleventh-generation Tiger Lake, or even the latest models from the H35W series, will easily give it a more powerful Galaxy device.

It is also rumored that Samsung is developing a new line of laptops, the Galaxy Book Pro, which has 13.3-inch and 15.6-inch OLED screens, with support for the S-Pen, and advanced Intel processors.

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Also called: One of the new models – the Galaxy Book Pro 360 – includes 5G compatibility.

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