Samsung is introducing the Find feature of the SmartThings app to find devices

Samsung is introducing the Find feature of the SmartThings app to find devices

Technology company Samsung Electronics has released an add for the Find app in SmartThings that allows you to locate Samsung Galaxy devices.

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The “Find” function is now available worldwide, including throughout Latvia.

When you sign up for the app, you can not only find lost phones and tablets, but also smartphones connected to them – smartphones, wireless headsets and more.

“Whatever the situation – your phone has fallen off the couch, one of the two wireless headsets is missing, or the smartwatch is in such a safe place that it can no longer be found – the SmartThings app’s Find feature helps keep smart devices near you will help,”Samsung Electronics Baltic“Sales Manager Baltic Countries mai nsikāns.

This feature is available for Samsung Galaxy smartphones and tablets, which “work with”Android 8 “or later operating system.

The application allows you to detect a smart device even when you are offline. This allows other SmartThings to help users safely find lost smart devices. If the device is offline for 30 minutes, it sends a BLE signal that can be received from other Galaxy devices. So, if, for example, a wireless headset is registered as lost in the app, any nearby Samsung Galaxy smartphone or tablet that uses the app can pick up a signal and automatically May inform the owner of the lost headset’s location. All available information, says Andikāns, is encrypted and will not be disclosed to third parties, so the location of the device will only be communicated to its owner.

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The location on the map and the ability to “call” your device will help you determine your location. SmartThings Find uses Bluetooth low energy (BLE) and ultra-wideband (UWB) systems for this purpose. The UWB feature is available for Galaxy Note 20 Ultra and Galaxy Z Fold 2 smartphones.

This year, Samsung also plans to introduce additional additions to this feature, which will allow the location of not only the Samsung Galaxy, but other smart devices.

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