Samsung offers affordable Galaxy A52, A52 5G and A72 smartphones

Samsung offers affordable Galaxy A52, A52 5G and A72 smartphones

Samsung has introduced three new Galaxy A-series smartphones, the Galaxy A52, A52 5G and A72, which will bring advanced innovation for every customer. Newer models of the camera will open up wider possibilities for communication and self-expression, a smooth sliding screen will help to engage more in visual content, and water resistance and a larger battery will make users feel confident that the phone will work reliably.

Pay attention to photo quality

One of the biggest advantages of the new Galaxy A series is the improved camera system. A comprehensive four-camera system with a core sensor resolution of 64MP will allow you to capture sharp and detailed shots, and the 4K video snap function helps you easily save desired moments of 4K resolution video in high-quality 8MP photos. Will do. Format. The Scene Optimizer uses artificial intelligence to automatically select optimal shooting settings for 30 photo categories such as food, landscape, and pets.

Those who prefer an active lifestyle will appreciate the optical image stabilization function, which ensures that captured photos or videos are sharp and blurry – whether it’s shooting a dance or a trick with a skateboard You are trying to catch. In the dark, the camera’s night mode will help improve image quality by capturing a bright and vivid picture using multi-frame processing.

The AR Emoji and My Filters feature will give content style and uniqueness. In addition, when Fun mode is on, the effect of augmented reality can be applied to the captured image in the factory camera application.

Eye-catching screen and updated design

The Super AMOLED screens on the new Galaxy A phones have become great and smooth. Introducing 120Hz refresh rate, Galaxy A52 5G and 90Hz Galaxy A52 and A72 screens will make social network browsing easier and smoother.

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The 800 NIT high brightness will allow the device to be used comfortably in open spaces, and the Eye Care certificate will ensure eye-friendliness. The Eye Comfort Shield function, which adapts to smart usage habits and automatically selects the matrix color temperature accordingly, reduces eye strain.

While improving the screen of the new Galaxy A series models, the manufacturer has also focused on body upgrades. Smooth edges, a minimalist camera module and other thoughtful design solutions have helped improve the ergonomics and practicality of the devices.

More security and more opportunities

The Galaxy A52, A52 5G and A72 are more resistant to water and dust, as revealed by their IP67 certification. Consumer data security is ensured by the Samsung Knox system, which protects personal information on the phone in real time from theft.

The constant pace of life encourages smartphones to keep up with it. The Galaxy A52 5G achieves this by providing universal access to an even faster 5G Internet connection. The new UI 3 user interface also contributes to the smooth and fast operation of the new model, making it more intuitive and allowing you to access important information even faster.

The Galaxy A52, A52 5G and A72 have many features like pre-existing premium features like stereo speakers or internal memory expandable with card capacity up to 1 GB. For uninterrupted user use, the Galaxy A52 is equipped with 4,500 mAh and Galaxy A72 5,000 mAh batteries, which can last up to two days without recharging.

Samsung is constantly looking for ways to promote sustainability, which is why the packaging of the Galaxy A52, A52 5G and A72 more efficiently using pulp and paper to reduce the amount of unused space and raw materials Uses. The manufacturer’s commitment to providing regular software updates for these phones for three years and security improvements for at least four years also reflects a responsible outlook for the future.

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Benefits of integration with the Galaxy ecosystem

The new Galaxy A-series experience is enhanced by seamless connectivity with other devices, including Galaxy Buds Pro, Galaxy SmartTag and new capabilities in the Galaxy Tab and Galaxy ecosystem. The SmartThings service allows you to control thousands of devices in your home environment, including computers, televisions, and wear equipment. In addition, SmartThings Find can help you find lost devices and everyday objects by attaching a Galaxy SmartTag.

Before you share a photo on the social network, you can quickly send it to your close friends and Quick Share Galaxy devices with no file size restrictions. Private Share will also allow you to choose which users can view it with one click even after sharing photos or videos.

Users of the Galaxy A52, A52 5G and A72 will be able to choose from four device colors: stunning purple, black, blue and white.

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