Scalpers Are Selling Steam Deck Stocks on eBay for Up to $10,000

Scalpers Are Selling Steam Deck Stocks on eBay for Up to $10,000

Value in Rias BRL 50,000 . has reached around

after the announcement of steam deck 15th of this month reservation record The next day (16) began. the demand was so high that dedicated server For this it fell And this Opportunists entered the scene. now it is possible to find reservation of Steam deck by Internet $800 to over $10,000 and the people responsible for sales are famous scalpers.

a valve It also tried to curtail the action of potential scalpers, first demanding that the account interested in booking reservations be made part of the early availability zones and made purchases before June this year apart from charging a symbolic charge. Went. five dollars.

To make matters worse, when freeloaders managed to infect Valve’s servers with reservations, those who were actually interested in purchasing Steam decks from December, before the rest of the world, took a moment to pre-purchase on Steam. was stopped for. Some attempts, as is the case with co-creators of Rick and Morty, Justin Roiland.

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in a quick search EBAYIt is possible to find reservations with values ​​between , R $ 3.500 E R $ 50.000. A value far above a simple currency conversion. Some of the details say “Front of Queue – Pre-Order – Shipment in December 2021”, or “Steam Deck 512GB – Order Confirmation” and “Reservation Confirmation Before General Clearance”. these are ads USA, Italy, Germany, Canada and UK.

According to Tom’s Hardware, the delivery deadline is now Q2 2022 for the 64GB and 256GB models and Q3 for the 512GB models. Due to the unexpectedly high demand by Valve, the conditions had to be adjusted.

Valve makes it clear on the Steam Deck page that it’s working to start sending out purchase invitations in December of this year. “We will make every effort to convert all bookings into orders, but we cannot guarantee availability.” This goes against the December delivery guarantee that most scalpers advertise.

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eBay told Kotaku that all these ads Will be removed, because they violate the site’s pre-sale policy. This rule ensures that all products announced prior to launch have a maximum shipping time limit of 30 days. Remember that a reservation is nothing more than a “queue position” of waiting.

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