Scary blue moon to light up the sky on Halloween | Sign up now

Scary blue moon to light up the sky on Halloween |  Sign up now

The night sky will bring an extra treat to this Halloween as it shows a spectacle that hasn’t happened in almost two decades.

Halloween is changing dramatically this year due to a coronavirus epidemic that has led some communities to choose to cancel nitty gritty-or-treat to reduce the risk of the virus spreading from one family to another. But I.-Guan. While young masked men will go from house to house collecting candy, they will have a bright full moon to help light the way.

It will not be a full moon, it will be a blue moon.

Contrary to its name, a blue moon does not appear in blue. This is simply a nickname given to the second full moon in a calendar month. However, the moon can take on different colors such as orange and red when it is close to the distance, just as the sky can change color when it is close to the distance.

The modern understanding of “Bali Moon Moon” began only in the 1980s. It was the result of a long-standing error in the 1946 issue of Sky & Telescope magazine, and since then, the term has gone viral in the media, ”explained Old Farmers Almanac.

A blue moon like this month occurs almost once every two and a half years, according to NASA. This irregularity is how the word “once in the blue moon” came into being.

People who are superstitious want to take a good luck charm with them on October 31st and make it beautiful around the corner on Friday 13th November.

How low is the full moon shining on Halloween?

The Halloween blue moon is being described by some as a rare celestial event, leaving people wondering how unusual this event is compared to a normal blue moon.

NASA said, “19 moons, the moon is completed every 19 years on Halloween.” In fact, the full moon of every Halloween is also a blue moon. “

The last time the full moon lit up the sky on Halloween night; However, the cloud has obscured the scary landscape for people around the Interstate 5 Corridor in the Northeast, North Plain and Pacific Northwest.

This year Trick-or-Treaters may have their own children. The next time the blue moon falls on Halloween, it will be in 2039.

Where cloudless conditions prevail, there is much more to the sky than just the moon.

As the night rises, three bright planets will appear, including Mars on the right side of the moon and Jupiter and Saturn in the southern sky.

Looking at the moon through a pair of binoculars or a simple pair of binoculars can reveal countless hooves that shine on the surface of the earth’s natural satellite.

Another type of blue moon?

The second full moon in a calendar month is the most common definition of a blue moon, but there is another way for the full moon to be able to taste it.

Instead of looking at the number of full moons in a month, a blue moon can be found by looking at the number of full moons in a season. Normally, there will be three full moons in each season, but this is not always the case.

“If there are four full moons in a season, the third full moon (not the fourth) can be called Bali Moon Moon,” said Old Farmers Almanac.

Just like a calendar blue moon, seasonal blue moons occur in the next few years with a set coming on August 22, 2021.

Because there are two types of blue moons, it is possible to have both a calendar blue moon and a seasonal blue moon in the same year, but it will be 17 more years before stargazers see the celestial dual feature.

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