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EDINBURGH – Scott will renew his local parliament this Thursday, 6 in an election that could decide the future of the country’s independence Britain.

Scottish Prime Minister’s Party, Nikola Sturgeon, Seeks legitimacy to press for a new independence referendum for a new mandate. According to SNP (Scottish National Party) leader Sturgeon, a pro-independence majority in the local parliament, which has 129 seats, would deprive the British Prime Minister. Boris johnson, “Democratic, electoral or moral justification” for opposing the referendum.

Johnson argues that this is a consultation that can only be done “once a generation”. In 2014, 55% of Scots voted in favor of the remainder Scotland in the United Kingdom. Supporters of a new referendum, however, Brexit, in which 62% of Scots were opposed, have changed the landscape, most notably for the fisheries and agriculture sectors, which have been greatly affected by the exit of the European Union (EU). Are affected.

The SNP argues that independence will make Scotland a “more just and prosperous nation”, which will eventually aspire to join it European Union. Opponents of independence fear that the epidemic will hamper economic recovery after this decision. For Scottish Conservative chief Douglas Ross, a new referendum would be “distraction”.

The question divides the Scots. Labor activist Anas Sarwar, a 37-year-old dentist, says Scotland needs policymakers “who” want to unite the UK, and “don’t divide it”. David Coleen, a 42-year public relations professional, supports “in principle” independence. “But I don’t know that this is the right time, especially with the epidemic,” he says.

Freedom to obtain a majority has reversed the trend after several elections in recent months. According to a poll conducted by Savante ComRes this week, 49% of Scots would vote “no” in an immediate referendum, against 42% who would vote “yes”.

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ban on Universal epidemic Forced parties to take their campaigns to the Internet. “It’s a very strange situation – it’s an important vote, but Christopher Carman, a professor of citizenship at the University of Glasgow, says,” The public is not very motivated.

The results

Scotland has a larger public deficit than the UK overall, so in the event of independence, it should cut spending, raise taxes and refill its business, says David Bell, a professor of economics at the University of Stirling needed.

In the case of reinvestment in the European Union, some doubts arise about the currency used in Scotland in the functioning of its Central Bank and its borders.

But Scotland can “do well,” he says, thanks to renewable energy and English-speaking financial hubs. / Afp

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