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Major League Soccer is the largest professional soccer league in the United States and Canada, and its popularity drives Sports betting all over the world. Because it has grown significantly in recent years, many nationally and internationally well-known players have started playing in the league, which excites even those who still do not know how MLS works.

This rise of American football stems from a nearly 30-year project that began with the 1994 World Cup and did not popularize the sport among Americans until 10 years later.

players like caucas, Thierry Henry, Andrea Pirlo, Robert Charles and also skinDecided to end his career in teams in the United States. Some of the still active players working in the league are alexandre pato, gonzalo higuain, Junior Bear I brainer,

With very different rules than most international leagues, MLS can be a bit confusing to someone who has just started to follow it. So, follow the lessons to understand the league better!

History of Major League Soccer

A professional soccer league in the United States and Canada emerged in 1994 as an obligation for the country to host the World Cup. Two years later, the first MLS took place, with 10 teams competing. That year’s champion was DC United.

In the following years, the league experienced a decline in popularity, and some of the rules and format of the competition had to be modified to re-interest the North American public. However, football’s popularity in the United States rose again when the country’s team made it to the quarter-finals, performing well at the 2002 World Cup.

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In 2007, the first Canadian franchise began playing in Major League Soccer, and in the same year David Beckham moved to the US to play in the league. Simultaneously, as well as the rise of the American economy and the prospect of bringing football stars into the competition, fans of the game began to grow.

How does MLS work?

Major League Soccer operates in much the same way as other leagues played in the United States, but differs slightly from how soccer competitions are conducted around the world.

Initially, teams are divided into two conferences based on geographic location: East and West. Currently, the Eastern Conference has 14 parties, while the Western Conference has 12 parties.

In the first round of MLS, teams from the same conference face each other in home and away games. After that, they play against all teams from the other conference, but in the same game. In the end, the eight best-ranked teams advance to the playoffs and the best-ranked regular-season team wins the title. shield of mls supporters,

From there, the teams face each other in knockout games in the second leg and reach the two teams that win the playoffs. MLS Cup, as the competition finals are called. The final dispute takes place in a single game at the stadium of the team that had the best campaign.

A curious fact of the North American League is that No allegation or promotion of teams, In other words, the induction of new franchises is related to increased popularity and profitability of the competition, regardless of game outcomes.

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Major League Soccer’s Greatest Champions

^ Los Angeles Galaxy – Title 5 (2002, 2005, 2011, 2012 and 2014);

^ DC United – 4 titles (1996, 1997, 1999 and 2004);

^ San Jose Earthquake – Title 2 (2001 AD 2003);

Sporting Kansas City – 2 titles (2000 and 2013);

Houston Dynamo – 2 titles (2006 and 2007);

Seattle Sounders – 2nd title (2016 and 2019);

^ Columbus Crew – 2 titles (2008 and 2020);

^ Chicago Fire – Title 1 (1998);

Toronto FC – 1st title (2017);

Real Salt Lake – Title 1 (2009);

Colorado Rapids – Title 1 (2010);

^ Portland Timbers – Title 1 (2015);

Atlanta United – 1 title (2018);

Undoubtedly, the American Football League has grown significantly and has attracted more and more fans of the game and famous players interested in the salaries paid by the teams. Interested too? Now that you know how MLS works, look up the dates of upcoming games and note this competition in your calendar.

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