See, this is a way to prevent third-party applications from accessing your Google Account.

See, this is a way to prevent third-party applications from accessing your Google Account., JAKARTA – The rapid development of technology has also coincided with an increase in the risk of digital crimes, including through virtual accounts that are commonly owned by users such as Google accounts.

Most people on the Internet have a Google account, which is used for various things such as playing online games, music, and more.

In this case, the third-party application has fixed access to the user’s Google account which is not risk-free. Therefore, it is necessary to take precautions to protect the online presence of irresponsible individuals.

One way to do this can be done by tracking which third-party applications are in use. In this way, users can better protect their accounts by providing a little extra privacy.

The lower the user’s Google account’s engagement with a third-party application, the less likely a person is to be exploited or exploited by a hacker through a third-party application.

As reported by Gadgets Now, Sunday (2/5), here are some methods that can be used to check and limit access to third-party applications with accounts you own.

Android phone method 1
1. Open Settings on your phone with Google Account Search
2. Several options will be displayed, select Security 3. The Google account you signed in on your Android device will be displayed. Select the Google account you want to remove third-party application access.
4. Open Security. You will see an option third third party app access management under ‘Third Party Apps with Account Access’.
5. Here you will see all third-party applications that have access to Google account. You can select each of them and remove access to them.

Method 2 Android Phone
1. Open the Google application
2. Tap the Google Account icon
3. Select ‘Manage your Google Account’
4. Swipe side through subtitle and go to ‘Security’
5. Perform the same steps as the number 3 in Method 1

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