Serra began studies to participate in the National Futsal League; See the details of the talk – Alexandre Mota

Serra began studies to participate in the National Futsal League;  See the details of the talk - Alexandre Mota

The Serra Board began a study to participate in the National Futsal League. With investment in sports from 2019, Alvinegra Dome believes in expanding the brand through sports.

In the two years of the project, Vowe played four tournaments and won three, also reaching the final of the Copa do Brasil. The initial expectation of 2021 is to invest R $ 700 thousand in a heavy ball.. The plan includes hiring national stars who work abroad to protect the team.

Controversies contested by Serra since Moda’s return:

  • Serenity Championship (2019): the champion
  • Northeast Cup (2019): the champion
  • Serens Championship (2020): the champion
  • Brazil Cup (2020): Reached the finals

However, for entry into the National League the process requires the cooperation of other clubs. Created by the Brazilian Futsal Confederation in 1996, the competition follows the United States sports model, adopting the franchise. Thus, in order to enter the tournament it is necessary to purchase a seat – or be invited – without obtaining a benefit and bonus in the competition.

Serra invests R $ 700 thousand in Futsal in 2021

Thiago Gadelha / SVM

In an analysis led by football director Eduardo Arruda, also responsible for managing the club’s other modalities, Serra performed a citation of values ​​to estimate the viability of participation. The average franchise value is $ 1 million and the current franchise needs to be withdrawn.

Costs will also increase with the expansion of salaries of logistics and artists. If you can enter into a tie-up with one team to get a place in the league, Grandpa will be the only North-Northeast representative in the main futsal competition in Brazil.

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In the 2021 calendar, The team is already guaranteed participation in six competitions. Coach Dividi Hudson had a renewed bond and remains in charge of the team throughout the season. The management hopes to get feedback on the participation by the end of January.

Ceará calendar in Futsal in 2021

  • Koopa Wojo (one state team + two from outside the state): June
  • Serra State Cup: February to April.
  • Cearense Championship: From April to October.
  • Brazil cup: August
  • Brazil cup: September to December
  • Northeast cup: October

It is necessary to expedite any definition to reorganize the participation of athletes and other dates. In any case, Ceará’s attack is a national paradigm. Today, the futsal elite is limited only to the south and southeast. In a historical process, Ceará clay was the birthplace of the Brazilian team. Therefore, Grandpa wants to recover from the heavy ball.

O bs: Ceará was consulted to cease participation and enter competitions Water Polo, Volleyball, Handball, Fut 7 and Basketball. All cases are evaluated internally.

The teams participating in the 2020 National League were:

  • Asoseva (Rs)
  • Carlos Barbosa (RS)
  • Atlêntico (RS)
  • Campo Mauro (PR)
  • Cascavel (PR)
  • Foz Cataratas (PR)
  • Marreco (PR)
  • Pato Futsal (PR)
  • Umuram (PR)
  • Blumenau (SC)
  • Zaragua (SC)
  • Jokaba (SC)
  • Joinville (SC)
  • Shark (SC)
  • Brasilia Futsal (DF)
  • Corinthians (SP)
  • Intelli / Dresena (SP)
  • Large (SP)
  • Sao Jose (SP)
  • Minas (MG)
  • Priya Club (MG)

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