Seven Australian Idols, Ax MKR, To Revive House Rules. Starting plate

Seven Australian Idols, Ax MKR, To Revive House Rules.  Starting plate

On Wednesday, Seven unveiled its 2021 programming program for its annual “upfront” advertisers.

In a surprising twist, Seven reveals that it plans to resurrect Australian Idol In early 2022. The singing contest, which helped start the careers of Guy Sebastian, Shannon Knoll, Casey Donovan and Anthony Callia, was last aired in 2009 on Network Ten.

Gay Sebastian made his debut in 2003 in the first season of Australian Idol.Credit:Edwina Pickles

Broadcasters will return Big brother, The farmer wants a wife And SAS: Australia And schedule its prime time with family-friendly offers including a very short golf series Hole Moola, The former singing competition of nine The voice And hit the US show End tag.

Angus Ross, Sevin’s head of programming, said broadcasters were becoming “distractions and distractions.”

“We are jeopardizing the program by releasing powerful formats around the world for 7.30pm slots,” he said. “We are no longer in the programming development game. We are about proven formats. ”


Seven promises a version The voice Will be “big, bold and reminiscent”. The network has sided with US superstar Maria Kerry, but has been adamant about who will be part of the new panel of judges.

Mr Warbaton said Satan would focus on his game lineup, which would include supercars from next year. They will not go into detail about whether the network was adapted to a situation where it no longer has the rights to cricket. Seven and Cricket Australia are in controversy over the value of rights. The matter has been referred to arbitration.

“The games are fantastic when you look at how they came together in terms of platforms … in those seven months with the horse races, the AFL, the Cricket Summer Ashes, the Supercars and the Olympics,” Mr Warbton said. Warburton said. . “Laying a solid foundation on this road is going to be crucial for the 2021 recovery.”

Seven will also present two new local plays next year: Australian gangster And RFDS. Later, the Royal Flying Doctor will play everyday heroes in the service; The former is a crime series in Sydney and is based on real events. Includes new international dramas Pembrokeshire Murders And an adaptation Worldwide in 80 days.

Asked if relying on sports and primetime shows for the breast is risky The voice (Traditionally used by international celebrities and a live studio audience due to the ongoing COIVD-19 epidemic in 2021, Mr. Warburton said the broadcaster’s program was flexible.

“We have options,” he said. “Hole Moola Can and is in Big brother Is in production. So we can move things around and we are consistent in many senses. Kovid-19 did not leave us alone [this year] But it definitely hit us hardest. “

As for the former Master Chef Judges Gary Maigan and Matt Presson, of the network, said they would like to work with them again. Need to find the right format (preferably a comfortable or well-cooked show suitable for the “back-end” of the week). The mind is to help Fidel judge the coming season Australia’s Got Talent.

Seven has so far this year earned 27.3 percent of its metropolitan audience share in Timeslot from 6pm to midnight. Nine (the owner of this masthead) leads with 27.6 per cent stake, followed by ten with 18.1.1 per cent, ABC with 18.2 per cent and SBS with 8.8 per cent. These figures show the duration of the traditional ratings that exclude the summer holidays and Easter.

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At a Glance: Network Consumption in 2021


Voice, Holly Molly, Ultimate Tag, RFDS, Australian Gangster, The Pembrokeshire Murder, Worldwide in 80 Days.

Is coming back

Big Brother, Farmer Wife Wants, Australia’s Got Talent, SAS Australia, All Ni Mon Monty, Chase Australia, Nice homes and gardens, Home and away And Good doctor.

Not coming back

My kitchen rules, home rules, original plates.


Scheduled 2020 Tokyo Olympics, AFL, Cricket (including BBL and WBBL), Spring Racing Carnival, Supercars and Front bar.

To be authenticated

A kitchen show featuring the former Master Chef Judges Gary Mahigan and Matt Presson.


Winter Olympics, Australian Idol.

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