Shaw’s technique comes under scrutiny again

By Khurram Habib

Adelaide, December 17 (Agency): India opener Prithviraj Shaw, veteran K.L. Rahul and Shubhaman Gill were overtaken by former batsman Sunil Gavaskar on the first day of the first Test at the Adelaide Oval and fell on the second ball to dispel doubts about his technique. Alan Border.

Shaw tried to push Michelle Stark’s delivery away from his body but played it on his stumps.

The right-handed batsman failed to score a half-century in both practice matches before the first Test, scoring just 62 runs in four innings at 15.5 for seven, prompting Border and Gavaskar to say that he Should use the latest technology. Not playing the first test. Border actually said he plays too many shots outside his off stump.

Shaw has been a consistent failure for the last few months and even at one point during the Indian Premier League (IPL) he was kicked out of the Delhi capital (DC). In his last seven innings for DC, he scored three and scored just one double point which was just 10. His total was just 30 in those seven innings on a slow, subconscious surface.

“I think the biggest challenge in Australia is that you can’t bowl every ball because the bounce is something else,” former opener Wasim Jaffer told IANS. “You have to decide which ball to play and you have to drop a lot of balls. There are a lot of assignments that you can run in India but you can’t do that in Australia because the bounce is high.”

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Jaffer himself had a difficult time in Australia during the 2007-08 series as he fell on the drive on a few occasions. This was his first tour of the country with the Indian team and he took advantage of the fact that the batsmen needed to check their drive.

“I think he will soon realize that he can’t continue playing his shot and be careful with the vertical shot. He needs to play close to his body and tighten his technique. After all, it’s just an innings. If it comes off, people will appreciate it. But yes, he needs to tighten his technique, “Jaffer added.

The flaw in Shaw’s technique has been so predictable that former Australia captain Ricky Ponting, who was analyzing it, has been sent to DC. As the head coach of the team was helping out, he mentioned the gap in his technique which left him down just before the handover on Thursday. Was dismissed on. As Starc landed on the second ball of the match to dismiss Shaw, Ponting said on Channel 7 that the batsman was playing away from his body and would try to get the ball back.

Ponting mistakenly said on TV a few months ago during an IPL game in the first half of the tournament that Shaw was working on his technique to go somewhat off-stump, and to make room for himself. To make runs and correct a small mistake that was probably causing him trouble.

He took advantage early in the tournament when he scored two fifties and a 40th in the first game. It all became different for him after that.

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The Mumbai batsman also played a simple match in New Zealand in February, after scoring 16, 14, 54 and 14 runs in two Tests in the last Test series for India.

But the fact that the rest of the Indian batsmen also failed in New Zealand, perhaps India selected him for the Adelaide Test. In that series, Shaw’s 24 sat 24.5 was less than May Sat Mayank Agarwal’s 25.5 and Cheteshwar Pujara’s 25, which was India’s top two runs in the series.

His openers KL Rahul and Shubhaman Gill have been doing well in recent times. Rahul was the highest scorer in the IPL though played in a completely different format. But he had more faith. Gill has done well in two practice matches, adding 127 in four innings to score 31.75.

Former England opener Nick Knight also hinted on TV that his technique was saying that you need to play with tough technique on Australia’s surface.

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