‘Shogun’ praises new Brazilian generation in UFC and bets ‘Borachinha’ – 06/02/2021

‘Shogun’ praises new Brazilian generation in UFC and bets ‘Borachinha’ – 06/02/2021

The year 2021 re-established Brazil as a sovereign country in the ultimate. Currently, the organization has four belts in the country, a feat it achieved only in 2013. Of these titles, all are in the hands of athletes under the age of 35, indicating that a new generation has come to make history and reign for it. a long time. Mauricio ‘Shogun’, who has already entered the franchise’s select Hall of Champions, knows what it means to reach the top of the league and praised the new crop of compatriots.

in an exclusive interview with AG. fight (Click Here or see above), the former Light Heavyweight Champion of Ultimate (93 kg) sheds light on the history of a large number of talented Brazilians in mixed martial arts. Therefore, one of the representatives of the older generation and considered the gold of the country in the sport, revealed his belief that a new era of dominance in the UFC could occur in the country.

“Brazil has always been a great source of MMA athletes. Always Brazil and the United States. Today it has spread throughout Europe, but there have always been many athletes in Brazil and the United States. I believe that Brazil has always been This part will remain in evidence. MMA is and is always well represented (with these new athletes). I think MMA is the sport that represents Brazil abroad in the most beautiful way. It’s from generation to generation Because Brazil is a country that renews many athletes,” he said.

Amanda Nunes at rosterweight (61kg) and featherweight (66kg), Divason Figueredo at flyweight (57kg) and Charles ‘do Bronx’ Ultimate at lightweight (70kg) are the defending Brazilians. When asked which of them gets the most attention and which compatriots might join the group, the ‘Shogun’ chose his favourite.

“Charles ‘du Bronx’ is already a reality, he’s our champion, he’s a man who has already shown he deserves this shot at the belt and proved he’s really good. (Paulo) ‘Borachinha’ is a guy I like. Lott, the way he is always on the move, looking for a fight and I think he can be the champion very soon. There is Danilo Marx, who is a friend and helps me a lot in my fights, he already has two victories in the UFC and I think Joe will soon be in the top 5 (light heavyweight). Brazil is well served and I think that it’s time to have more belts”, completed Curitibano, who reigned at light heavyweight from May 2010 to early March. 2011.

Mauricio ‘Shogun’, who has been working in professional MMA since 2002, has had 27 wins, 12 losses and one draw in his career. The first moment of the fighter’s heyday occurred in 2005, when he won the middleweight GP of Late Pride. In the UFC, the Curitiba native rose to the highest position in light heavyweight in 2010 by defeating Lyoto Machida. However, in his first title defense, he was overtaken by Jon Jones the following year.

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