Show in Australia raised funds for Rio Grande do Sul

The former Arauto reporter was involved in organizing the event that raised almost R$35,000 for flood victims

Last Friday (31), another generous initiative crossed the ocean to help rebuild Rio Grande do Sul. In Perth, Australia, a solidarity show brought together several artists with the aim of raising money to help the victims of the biggest flood experienced by gauchos. Such a success that the organizers saved almost R$35,000 to donate to charity.

One of these organizers is Cíntia Antunes, a former reporter for Jornal Arauto in Rio Grande do Sul.”I needed a few days to process everything that happened at Friday’s Solidarity Show. Musicians, instrumentalists, singers, dancers, batucada groups, capoeira groups, reggae, pop, samba and pagoda, forró, rap, country music, MPB, tribal groups, gaucho rock, gaucho traditional music… all together on one stage, with a single purpose: to raise money to send to the families of those affected by the floods in Rio Grande do Sul. It was beautiful. It was magical. It was perfect. An unforgettable show in Perth’s history, where there is no favorite musical style, no specific tone of voice, no competition. It was a benefit show, organized with a lot of dedication, love, care and respect, and performed 100% by outstanding professionals.“, he said excitedly.

A native of São Paulo was learning the lyrics of a song in three days so he could fill the hearts of the gauchos who live there with pride by listening to and singing the Gritos de Liberdade, Cíntia highlighted. “There was gauchesca dancing, with the whole event held in just two days. There was good gaucho rock, the kind we grew up listening to. There were photographers and videographers donating their time, their equipment and recording everything from start to finish, there were businessmen and companies donating products and services for our solidarity raffle. There were volunteers selling raffle tickets so we could raise even more money for charity. And there was an excited, adoring audience who enjoyed the party until the last second.“, he stressed, thanking all those who helped and supported, in the certainty of doing their job, even if they were far away.

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