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On March 20, 2021 (Sat), the Nintendo Switch officially entered its first anniversary.It is assembled! Animal Crossing4
The update file released on March 18, 2021 (Thursday) prepares the Spring event and upgrades my design function.
It seems that recently many players have been very keen to create various unexpected designs of “Umbrella”.
When I first introduced the updated information, I also shared that Nook Inc. would be released on March 24, 2021 (Wed).Sightseeing Production Station“,This time“Sightseeing Guide Production Station” officially opened4

Sale will end soon, one year! “Assemble! Animal Crossing Friends Club” Free Spring Update is here!

Use posters and videos to boost your island charm!

“Sightseeing Guide Production Station” is an experimentScreen photos and videos taken at “Gathering!” Animal Crossing, You can make an island full of charmSmartphone dedicated webpage for poster and video4
Poster and video production requiredFiles saved on smartphone, orPost to twitterPictures and animations.

How to use it, just go through your smartphone“Sightseeing Guide Production Station” (Taiwan)or“Sightseeing Guide Production Station” (Hong Kong), UsageNintendo account login4A type of animalI will teach you how to make it.

A type of animal
“Tourist Information Maker” website

You can use the Nintendo Switch “Shooting Button” to shoot only! Screen photos and videos of the “Animal Crossing Friends Club” can only be used when files are shared on a smartphone by the officially specified method Huh. Please note that you cannot use files taken directly with the camera to capture game screens or use special applications for image processing.

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You only
You can only use “Assembly”! Related screen photos and videos “Animal Crossing Friends”
“Tourist Information Maker” website

Photos and animations on the islandFreely combine design and add promotional text, You can create unique posters and videos!

Limited service until December 31, 2021

Focus on players who want to create exclusive posters and videos for each season! “Sightseeing Guide Production Station” isLimited service until 31 December 2021 (Fri)4
So we can only make Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter of 2021!
Players, please make good use of this opportunity to properly save photos and videos of the weather-limited event, and create posters and videos to promote the island’s charm!
Make posters and videosLearn more than it used to! So hurry up and give it a try!
For details and precautions, please see“Sightseeing Guide Production Station” (Taiwan)Vs“Sightseeing Guide Production Station” (Hong Kong)Confirmation!

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