Shuffle Play: Confirms the function to play Netflix movies and series randomly

Shuffle Play: Confirms the function to play Netflix movies and series randomly

Netflix recently confirmed that it will begin rolling out a new feature that promises to make life easier for its most indecent users. The “Shuffle Play” function will be automatically added to the streaming service to choose a movie or series so that the customer does not spend so much time on the application’s home screen to select the title.

The feature was initially launched in August last year and has since been testing with very limited users and is only available for some models of smart TVs.

Now, the streaming giant has announced, during a presentation of its financial results, that it will start making this functionality more widely available to its users, but has not given details of what kind of devices Will be compatible with random mode.

According to the company, the platform’s random play mode will select movies and series based on presentations its users have seen recently, similar to what already happens with a list of suggestions, for example.

During the test period, the random play function reached the application in two ways: On the profile selection screen, an icon named “Shuffle Play” appeared below the user’s name. After that, the “Play Something” option was introduced in the side menu, on the home screen of the app.

However, there is no information yet as to how the ceremony will be called in both Brazil and the United States. Although it was initially identified as “shuffle play” (or “random play”), it is likely that the company will adopt another name for the mode.

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During the presentation of the role, Netflix co-founder and CEO Reid Hastings joked and said that he would call the feature “I’m Feeling Lucky” from the Google search engine the classic “I’m Feeling Lucky” mode. However, he immediately rejected that hypothesis, saying that Netflix would “bring something better than this.”

According to information released by the company, random play mode will begin to be available during the first half of this year, but there is no accurate forecast for this.


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