Sierra undergoes third lockdown during UK epidemic

Sierra undergoes third lockdown during UK epidemic

For the third time since March last year, the UK has introduced a new lockdown, and the British will only be able to leave home for essential services such as health and food. Information on matters residing in the country G1 How they will go through the most rigorous period, beyond expectations about vaccination.

The owner of a food company for Chef de Cuisine and events in London, the 41-year-old from Menaras, suspended her job in March 2020 and, since then, has done social work to help non-Brazilians and Hispanic people. Started regulated.

In the epidemic, Junior Menezes of Serena started doing social work to help Brazilians – Photo: Personal Collection

“Lockdown itself increases the demand for social work. People are in despair and want a guarantee of food, as they cannot get help from the government. Therefore, I and other suppliers propose this action and we do not stop for a single day ”, mentions Junior. According to the practitioner, the group also provides psychological support during periods of need.

With instability during the period, Junior’s oldest daughter, a pre-university student, suffers from anxiety. “She will take an exam next week to try college. Yesterday he said that it was canceled and today he already said that it can happen.

Journalist Alan Higgins should be vaccinated in April – Photo: Personal Collection

Journalist Alan Higgins triggered another lockdown at home in Ireland, with no time limit set for returning non-essential activities. “It is a very sad and complicated situation, because we are in winter with very low temperatures and little sunshine and for the third time, we cannot do anything except to do pharmacy, supermarket or personal physical activity. “, He says.

“The government presented the population with the reopening of activities in December. However, on the other hand, people did not respect the recommendations and behaved as if there were no viruses. Now, I realize that they are following this lockdown out of fear of high numbers and a new version of the virus, which appeared next door, in England “, he explains.

According to Allen, they should be vaccinated in April, following the government’s vaccination program. “As a youth, I would be at the end of 14 vaccination groups, however, because I work in a place that many people pass by, I was placed in the middle of the program”.

‘Now is not the time to let go of your guard’: lives in a shelter home with his family – Photo: Personal Collection

“Schools are closed, so I go to my two daughters’ house. Today, 1 in 50 people in the UK are believed to be infected. This is not the time to disappoint your guard. Despite the fact that we are moving forward with the vaccine, it is unfortunately over ”, concludes Thayas.

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