Silver in 2016, Felipe Wu misses final of 10m shooting in Tokyo

Silver in 2016, Felipe Wu misses final of 10m shooting in Tokyo

Felipe Wu, one of the medal hopes for Brazil at the Tokyo Olympic Games, was eliminated in the qualifying stage of the 10m air pistol and bid goodbye to the controversy. He won a silver medal in Rio de Janeiro in 2016.

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In order to advance to the modal final, Felipe had to finish in the top eight in the knockout stage. However, Brazil was ranked 32nd among the 36 athletes in contention.

Despite the negative result, Felipe was calm after the race, remembering all the difficulties involved in the context of this Olympic edition.

“My peace of mind comes from the fact that I did everything I could all the time. After the 2019 World Cup in Rio, people no longer even had my name in the Olympic Games, but I took advantage of last year Raised, with all the hardships due to the pandemic, I struggled and managed to qualify. Even after that I continued to dedicate myself completely. So, it calms me down as I am sure that I have done everything in my power. Everything is done”, said the athlete.

“The qualifying results were low, indicating that there was a difficulty, perhaps due to lack of competitions or restrictions. But, of course, I didn’t even think about it at the time of the competition. It was a tough competition, tough and exhausting. I didn’t train well in Japan and expected to be at a better technical level. With each shot I tried to push myself as far as possible to get a good result, but unfortunately it was not enough. I tried a lot”, he said.

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In 2016, Felipe Vu finished second overall and won a silver medal at the Olympic Games held in Rio de Janeiro. That edition was the first medal won by Brazil.

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