Silverstone confirms first qualifying race in Formula 1 history

Silverstone confirms first qualifying race in Formula 1 history

Silverstone to host new qualifying race in 2021

Photo: AFP / Grand Prix

The Silverstone Circuit has confirmed that it will host the first qualifying race, an innovation implemented by Formula 1 during the 2021 season in three phases of the calendar. With this, on Saturday at the British GP, 20 drivers on the grid will ride 17 laps or 100 km in search of more points in the championship.

According to preliminary information, it was expected that Silverstone would get the first qualifying race, with two other classic circuits also featuring novelty scenes: in Monza, Italy, and Interlagos, Brazil. However, both are not yet guaranteed from F1 or official sources.

In Silverstone’s case, there was confirmation from director Stuart Pringle. “We are very excited that Silverstone fans will be the first players to watch the Formula One qualifying race at the British Grand Prix this year,” he said.

Silverstone hosted two F1 races in 2020

Silverstone hosted two F1 races in 2020

Photo: Racing Point / Grand Prix

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“We are not going to make such a big change in the game over the years and we appreciate the continued efforts by F1 and the FIA ​​to increase entertainment on the tracks for our audience, so we look forward to coming in July , ”Added the director.

The format stipulates that there will be a qualifying session after the first free practice on Friday, which will determine the starting grid for the sprint race on Saturday. The result of this race determines the grid of GPs on Sunday. It was also determined that the top three would receive points on Saturday. The winner gets 3, the second placed wins 2 and the third is closed with 1 point. The classification race will be 100 km away, approximately one third of what is included in the normal race.

Tires will be affected by the decision. In the new format, teams will have two sets of tires available, while up to 5 in the sixth classification. On Saturday, in free practice 2, a compound will be chosen by the teams, and is accompanied by a sprint race. two options. On Sundays, the GP accompanies the rest of the available tires.

Silverstone to host first F1 qualifying race

Silverstone to host first F1 qualifying race

Photo: AFP / Grand Prix

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Closed park rules will be adopted from Friday’s classification, preventing the exchange of the car’s core components. The aim is to avoid cars made specifically for classification, to limit the number of hours required to prepare the car for the next day, and to re-build the cars into a useful session on Saturday practice. May be allowed to be made free of charge.

In March, the Silverstone Circuit announced the donation of 10,000 tickets for its main 2021 events to workers going through sanitary chaos in the battle against Kovid-19. The 10,000 tickets will be split between British Formula One GP, Moto GP and The Classic – a classic car event, which is very popular in Europe. The beneficiaries will be NHS workers – a type of unified health system in the United Kingdom -, emergency services, social services and armed forces.

“The crowds on Friday and Saturday at Silverstone are definitely the biggest on the F1 calendar and this year will be no exception. We are almost sold out for Sunday, now one for fans to watch the F1 race on Saturday summer Great opportunity, ”said Pringle.

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