Silverstone was a ‘perfect display’ of F1 progress, says Brawn

Silverstone was a 'perfect display' of F1 progress, says Brawn

LONDON (Reuters) – The UK grand prix provided a “true display” of what Formula 1 was aiming to achieve with its 2022 cars and how safe the sport has become, according to series managing director Ross Brawn.

The Halo Head Protection System helped save Chinese driver Guanyue Zhou’s life after a massive crash on the first lap, while Sunday’s race at Silverstone saw close scuffles and exciting overtakings.

Ferrari’s Carlos Sainz took his first Formula 1 victory in the race.

Brawn said in a column on the F1 website (www.formula1): “What I liked was the accuracy that the drivers were able to do with the cars. We saw countless fascinating battles, which took place from many corners, with many changes Were.” com).

“We saw that drivers were able to make multiple lines with these new cars – and that allowed two, three or four cars to go almost side by side. The quality was also high,” he said.

Brawn, the team’s former principal and technical director, said the drivers were positive about the change and were able to follow the cars closely without any disturbance.

According to him, the race showed that the sport and the FIA ​​have taken the right direction with the aerodynamic rule changes introduced this season to make the race hotter and more exciting.

(Reporting by Alan Baldwin)

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