Skene Thread – 11/29/2021 – News

Skene Thread - 11/29/2021 - News

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Research suggests that the term “skin thread” originated in the Industrial Revolution when machines began to be used to create fabric with the manipulation of the human hand. These machines had support for rolling the skin. It was the worker’s responsibility to lift the end of the thread (skin thread) into the position where the machine began to pull the roll and form the fabric. This function requires concentration because the hole the machine uses to draw the wire is quite small. It turns out that the rolls pass one after the other at considerable speed and sometimes the worker loses the “thread” due to lack of concentration, fatigue (due to exhaustion of workdays). Well, the task of not losing concentration will fall exclusively on the two “workers” in 2022. Beira Marx and Souza, the presidents of ABC and America, respectively. Both cannot lose concentration, the error should be minimal. When money is tight, having truckloads of players to test out doesn’t help. Right here at the Tribuna do Norte we have published a plethora of material indicating the percentage of mistakes made by each club hired. Hundreds of players over the years have been fattening the coffers of businessmen, athletes and lawyers, who make big money from the coming and going of players from the “four corners” of Brazil. And this time, it’s not just the financial problem, it’s survival that’s at stake. It is the valuation, or devaluation, of Centenary Brands that will be disputed. So, good luck to Bora Marx, re-elected with an absolute majority in Alvinegro, and Alvirubro Souza, elected by admiration in America.

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Gradually, the Natal public is loving the Volleyball Superliga games at Nelio Dias Gym. The spectators are excellent and the matches are of the highest standard. The Natal natives have been a standout amongst the Natal Funwick team. Born in Parelhas, Libero Emanuele acted as a pointer in last Saturday’s match and played a lot, receiving the Viva Valei trophy after a 3-2 win over Pharmaco. Even with good performances, he highlighted the support of the group and fans. “The fans were very supportive and he was the seventh player. I’m a libero and I had to play at the fore to help the boys and I just have to thank everyone. It was everyone’s job, to give their best on the court”, he highlighted.

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The following Saturday, Funwick returns to the court, away from home, for the seventh round of the Edukacoin Natal competition. Coach Carlos Weber’s group will head to Guarulhos (SP) to face Vedasit Valei Guarulhos at the Ponte Grande Gym at 9:30 p.m. This will be the last match of the Superliga before participating in Club Mundial in Betim (MG) from 7 to 11 December. Currently, the team from Rio Grande do Sul occupy fifth place in the championship. The top eight qualify for the next stage of contention.


There is nothing better than handing Messi the best trophy in the world. In fact, I think he was already considered a type of horse concours, an expression of French origin, literally meaning “out of competition” or “out of competition”. Since he is not from this planet, Argentinian nominations would be in order.

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Brazil was on the podium with Jorginho. A natural Italian player, he is very Brazilian and has had a great season at Euripa, including with Selecao, who will be looking for a place in the world through repechage. Jorginho’s case shows how we have wasted talent here.

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Speaking of talent, Gabriele Veron of Rio Grande do Norte is the only player from Rio Grande do Norte who can lay claim to being a two-time champion of the Copa Libertadores da América. Although he lost a place in the team, largely due to a series of injuries, Veron is an ace and will soon return to shine in Palmeiras, or in Brazil, or at any other club in the world.

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CINEFOOT, Brazil’s only football film festival and the leader in Latin America, confirms the 12th edition will be held from December 2 to December 9, in online format, with completely free access throughout the Brazilian region, on the InnSaeiTV platform. CINEFOOT enters the field to announce the list of invitees to the competitive and special informational exhibitions that will make up this edition number 12. Of the 72 titles that make up the general schedule, 50 films are Brazilian and 22 are international from France, Portugal, Spain, the United Kingdom, Turkey, Italy, Egypt, Chile, Russia, the United States, Colombia, Mexico, with four co-productions. Apart from: Belgium/France, Norway/Morocco, Germany/Switzerland and Mexico/Peru. To watch, just search the link on Google.


Mauricio Lima, two-time Olympic volleyball champion and most victor in national volleyball, considered one of the best players in the history of the sport, having been voted the best setter in the world three times throughout his career, will compete in the city of Caco. Next weekend of Super Inland Volleyball, via Banco do Brasil’s Sports Ambassador Program. Super Inland Volleyball, promoted by the Norte-Régrandnes Volleyball Federation – FNV in partnership with Caco City Hall, state government and private initiatives (Ligzarb, Atticas Mirna, Nordiz Seguros and Hotel Porto Belo), will be held simultaneously in two gyms. , in Caico, from December 3 to 5, in men’s and women’s suits, with participation from the 20 (twenty) best teams from the interior of RN and sports stars from across the Northeast.

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